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Court of Honor, Sir Isaac Newton, and Giants

What an amazing Court of Honor last Monday evening! The level of energy and enthusiasm in our Troop is contagious. It was great to see all our Scouts – both new and the seasoned – thrilled with their accomplishments in advancements and merit badges. It was also wonderful to share those moments with our parents; you figure prominently in

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the success of our troop.

Sir Isaac Newton is most famous for his contributions to the scientific community in the areas of Physics, Mathematics, and Optics. Although somewhat lesser known, he was also credited with the quote, “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This was Newton’s “shout out” to the great minds that preceded him. I too, know how Newton felt, for over the past two years we have been handed a torch from the T-22 giants that have preceded us – - Messrs. Garnek, Phillips, Fernandez, and Roy. I have witnessed not only their ability to instruct, but also their ability to develop boy leaders. Speaking from firsthand experience, they have been instrumental in helping my son develop personal skills and confidence.

So it is bittersweet that we send our existing core leaders and their sons off on their next grand adventure. May your life’s next chapter be filled with excitement, along with some occasional downtime. To be sure, our doors will always be open to the T-22 giants that have preceded us. You will always have a standing invite to come hike, canoe, camp, or just sit by the fire to share fellowship and swap stories. We stand on your shoulders and see a bright future thanks to your example, a mixture of new adult leaders, and a great bunch of high-energy Scouts ready for the next great adventure!

-Mr. Gadsby (Committee Chair)

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