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2 days to Woodruff

The extended forecast for Blairsville, GA area is calling for a chance of thunderstorms every day of camp. High temperatures will be hovering around 90 Saturday and Sunday, with the temperature somewhere around 80-82 the rest of

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the week.

Scouts, especially, need to keep this in mind when packing for your trip. Please make certain to pack rain gear and a pair of shoes that will keep your feet dry. This doesn’t mean we are going to be a soggy mess all week long, but it does mean we should “Be Prepared”!

Another great adventure begins in approximately 48 hours; don’t create another big adventure by waiting until the absolute last minute to take care of these details:

If you have not turned in a 3 parts of your Medical forms, you need to get that done by a physician now!!!!

We are stopping to have dinner in Blairsville Saturday evening. This is a pizza buffet, an honest-to-goodness all-you-can-eat deal with a salad buffet and drink included, or as Mr. Gadsby put it, “Perhaps the greatest food concept known to civilized man.”

The cost for this is $8 and that includes the gratuity (tip).

** I will collect this money at the church Saturday morning and I am requesting EXACT CHANGE, as in three Washingtons and a Lincoln, or any combination that adds up to EIGHT DOLLARS. Things will be hectic that morning and to reduce the headache of trying to make change for more than 30 people, Bank of Fatica is requesting EXACT CHANGE. You have two days to get it done, so please make sure to bring me EXACT CHANGE totaling 8 DOLLARS on Saturday morning.

* Rain gear? In addition to a poncho or a rain slicker, bring a couple of large plastic Ziplock-type bags to protect papers or other important items. The bags might also come in handy for keeping your pack organized.

* A small container of dish soap or laundry soap? The soap can be used for hand washing your clothes if they get soiled and you run out of extras. (Mini travel containers with a sealable flip-top spout at Walmart or Target are perfect for this)

* Clothes line? (for hanging up towels and bathing suits, airing out sleeping bags)

* A small or medium sized notepad and pencil? You may want to take notes, especially for some of your merit badge sessions. A stenographer’s notepad is good for this use.

* Sunscreen?

* An extra set of batteries? Flashlights don’t stay bright forever.

* How ’bout a garbage bag so you can keep your dirty clothes separated from your clean ones? To save space in your pack, re-fold your dirty clothes and pack them as you would your clean ones. This works better than just wadding everything up.

* Plenty of extra socks? Keep your feet happy by wearing socks, even if it’s just ankle socks. Your feet will enjoy the comfort of extra padding, protection from blisters, and saving your tent partner from gagging from the stench of sweaty feet jammed in to your shoes all day long.

* A personal first aid kit? It doesn’t have to be fancy, but even an Altoids tin with some Band-Aids in it will be handy.

* Money for the Trading Post? The Woodruff trading post will have all kinds of really great things in it, including a fantastic selection of tee-shirts, caps, patches, and a nice assortment of refreshments.

See you all Saturday morning!

Yours in Scouting,
Kim Fatica, Assistant Scoutmaster

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