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Pathfinding Merit Badge (first introduced in 1911 and retired in 1952)

When William D. Boyce was traveling in England, he became lost in a heavy fog. A young man appeared and gave Boyce directions to his destination. When Boyce offered to give the boy money, he refused, saying that he was a Boy Scout and could not accept the generous tip. This was the basic principle behind this merit badge: to make sure Scouts were able to give directions and to be able to sufficiently navigate their own areas.

I am happy to let everyone know we had a really great turnout this morning and knocked out Pathfinding Merit Badge on the very last day it can be earned. The badge was revived for this year only as a celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of Scouting in America. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Grandoff, who was so thoughtful to provide Panera bagels, chocolate milk and orange juice for us! Also, many thanks to the parents who brought their boys to the meeting. We got done early enough that everyone had a chance to play a game or two in the youth center before leaving.

ASM Kim Fatica

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