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Troopmaster and Troopkit


Troop 22 uses a software program called TroopMaster to maintain advancement records as well as scout/parent contact and medical information. It has been an excellent tool, but it requires that the information be entered and maintained. This past month, we have enabled our scout parents access to this system. In addition to accessing your son’s advancement records (including rank and merit badge progress), you’ll also be able to update personal information such as address, phone numbers, email address, doctor information, medications, and more.

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This will provide the troop with more complete and accurate contact information and enable completion of Council reports and registration.

You can access TroopMaster Web at
If you need to retrieve a lost username and password, please contact communications at this link.


Troopkit is a separate web based application allowing scouts to organize and communicate. Login and explore the many features of this tool.

From there, a scout can;

  • view and register for events such as camping trips
  • post meal plans for their patrol
  • see a roster of others in their troop by patrol with email links
  • schedule scoutmaster conferences and boards of review
  • check out merit badge books from the troop librarian
  • reserve cooking gear from the troop quartermaster

You can access TroopKit at
If you need to retrieve a lost username and password, please contact communications at this link.

note – - if experiencing problems, try using your access code for login rather than username and password in the upper login box on troopkit.
A user’s guide can be found here:


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