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Autumn Skills Instruction Campout – 2012

The autumn skills instruction camp out was 11/9/12 to 11/11/12. It went very well. This was a camp out to help the first year scouts get some of their requirements signed off. There was a duct tape competition and some of the scouts made creative things like a duct tape shield or a duct tape mess kit. A lot of the first year scouts got some of the Second Class and First class requirements signed off. There was an orienteering course and a lashing class to help get these requirements. During some of the classes Mr. Ginex made a ‘hobo stove’ by making flaps on a tin can and lighting a fire under it. The zombie run was a huge success. There was a path with caution tape on the sides and zombies were hidden periodically and

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jumped out as you passed. There were also some obstacles like the barbed wire fence and the electric fence. Once you got to the end you had to carry a first aid kit back down the trail ( a half empty patrol box). Everybody enjoyed it, runners and zombies alike. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Then there was the campfire. We sang some songs and did some skits then we dispersed playing games similar to hide and seek. This camp out was at the Withalacochee state forest/river park.
- Txanton Bejos – Historian

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