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Event Coordination

Event Coordinators

Communication is key.  Be Prepared.

8-6 weeks prior -
- Research event destination and particulars, make reservations NOW.
- Gather camping information including; site restrictions, car parking, directions/maps, emergency contact info, water availability, fire making restrictions etc.

1 month prior to event
- Enter Troopkit event with all information including but not limited to:
encouraging description of event, cost of event, activities, departure place/time, return time, specifics what to bring, meals, etc.
S.Widoff will add a paypal link then make the event “live” to enable registration
S.Widoff will create a google doc to be shared with the event commitee and treasurer.  Treasurer will update with payment info as often as possible
- Attend all troop meetings and events prior, announcing and updating Troop with event information

3 Weeks Prior
- if necessary,  procure Tour Permit and Float Plan

2 days prior to event registration deadline
an automatic email will be sent from troopkit reminding anyone “undecided” to register

One Week Prior
-update the Google Roster to reflect who has registered as attending by entering  a “1″ in the column and row to match scout/parent
check troopkit roster for car seats available.  If necessary, arrange for more drivers
contact anyone registered but not paid, prompt to pay or unregister

2 Days before Event
– create a map and directions for each driver from HPUMC to destination(s)
- print out at least 5 copies of the roster; one for you, your co-coordinator, scoutmaster and SPL and ASPL.
- print out and bring any tour permits, plans or other information pertinent to the event

Day(s) of Event
- check or assign someone to check to make sure all medications, testers, batteries for testers, etc. exist and if applicable in duplicate.
- attend the ENTIRE event (you are responsible for making sure everything functions as planned)  Otherwise, confirm your co-coordinator will.
- have all medical forms in hand, reservations and other information

After Event
- update google doc with camping info so advancement coordinator can document scout participation and overnight camping
- check for anyone who did not pay, but attended anyway. Forward names to Committee Chair for followup action.
- send thank you’s to anyone outside the troop who help us facilitate event

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