Troop22Tampa » Boy Scouts Troop 22 in Tampa, Florida

Masthead header

Adult Leaders

Committee Chairman: Tom Fass - Phone: (813) 326-9891

Scoutmaster: Dave Friedlander

Membership: Connie Schaffer
Treasurer: Mike Levine
Fundraising: Becky Holcomb
Webmaster and Communications: Steve Widoff - Phone # 813-254-3456, 813-494-5484
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator:  Wendy Widoff

Troop Scout Mentors- responsible for aiding scout leaders with their responsibilities
SPL, ASPL, PLs, APLs (Mr. Ginex)
Troop Instructors  (Mr. Friedlander)
Troop Guides  (Mr. Del Missier)
Quartermaster (Mr. Davis)
Den Chief  (Mr. Gadsby)
Chaplain’s Aide  (Mr. Levine)
OA Representative  (Mr. Fatica)
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster  (Mr. Ginex)

First year Scout Mentors – in charge of “Freshman” first year scouts’ advancements

Event Coordinator: responsible for all event and campout planning and logistics
Dave Friedlander

Assistant Scoutmasters
John Del Missier
(“del mis-EAR”)  813-335-4304
Tom Fass
Mike Levine
Larry Anzalonze
Ron Gaines
Chris Davis
James Ortiz
John Giammarco
Joe Bejos


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