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Rank Advancement Process and Info


The ranks in Boy Scouts are as follows…

  1. Scout
  2. Tenderfoot
  3. Second Class
  4. First Class
  5. Star
  6. Life
  7. Eagle
  8. Eagle Palms

The ranks are to be achieved in the order listed above. Each rank has unique requirements that need to be completed for the rank to be achieved.

In general, as a goal, it is preferred and advantageous if the Scout reaches First Class within his first year in Boy Scouts. Statistics indicate that a Scout is more likely to complete Eagle rank if they complete First Class within their first year in Boy Scouts.

A Word About Summer Camp

Attending summer camp in the first year is a big step in working towards the goal of First Class in first year. This is because summer camps typically offer rank requirement completions for several ranks (including Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class) within special first year programs. Most of Tenderfoot requirements, about half of Second Class requirements, and about a third of First Class requirements are completed in these first year summer camp programs. If a Scout misses summer camp in their first year, they will be playing catch-up with those Scouts that did attend…it’s possible to catch up but it will be more work.

Overview of the Rank Advancement Process

  1. The Scout reviews rank requirements in his Scout Handbook for his next targeted rank.
  2. The Scout discusses target rank requirements with any or all of the following individuals…
    • Their Patrol Leader
    • Their Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader
    • An Assistant Scoutmaster within their Troop
    • Their Troop’s Scoutmaster
  3. In the discussions, it is determined when and where the requirements may be completed. It could be that summer camp is coming up and many of the target requirements will be completed there. Or it’s possible that the adult and Scout leaders are arranging for rank requirement instruction and completion at an upcoming meeting or campout. Or it’s possible that, for some requirements, the Scout will need to take some action independently in order to complete the requirement.
  4. The Scout makes sure to attend and actively participate in / complete the rank requirement activities.
  5. The Scout then has the responsibility of showing proof of completion to either an active Assistant Scoutmaster within their Troop, or to their Troop’s Scoutmaster. Ideally this occurs when these adult leaders are in attendance at the actual event and witness the Scout completing the requirement. In some cases, it could involve showing to the adult leader any documentation, photos, video, or other proof that the requirement was completed.
  6. The adult leader signs off on the rank requirement in the Scout’s Handbook.
  7. When the Scout has completed all rank requirements for a particular rank, and they have all been signed off by an adult leader, he then can request a Scoutmaster Conference. In our Troop, this is done via TroopKit by following these steps…
    • The Scout logs in to TroopKit with his account, then selects “Advancement” from the top screen menu, then clicks the “Scoutmaster Conference” button.
    • Next he selects the target rank, then clicks on an “Open” link on a day and time from the calendar below the ranks list.
    • At that point, the Scoutmaster will automatically receive an e-mail with the Scoutmaster Conference request.
    • The Scoutmaster will send location info to the Scout for the Scoutmaster Conference.
  8. The Scout and Scoutmaster then meet for the Scoutmaster Conference, with at least one other Scout or adult in attendance. Scouts should be in full Class A uniform, and they should be prepared to discuss what they learned from the rank requirements for their target rank. They should also have their Scout Handbook with them.
  9. If the Scout successfully completes the Scoutmaster Conference, then the Scoutmaster will sign off on the Scoutmaster Conference requirement in the Scout’s Handbook for the target rank.
  10. The Scout should then request a Board of Review. This is done in our Troop via TroopKit. The Scout logs in to his TroopKit account, then selects “Advancement”, then clicks the “Board of Review” button.
  11. The Troop Committee Chairman will automatically receive a request for the Board of Review, and will send location info to the Scout for the Board of Review.
  12. The Scout meets with a committee group for the Board of Review. The Scout should be dressed in full Class A uniform, and they should be prepared to discuss what they learned from the rank requirements for their target rank. They should also have their Scout Handbook with them.
  13. If the Scout successfully completes the Board of Review, then his new rank is officially recognized within his Scout Handbook, as well as Troop and Council records. He will also receive recognition at the next Troop meeting, as well as the next Court of Honor. The Troop will provide him with a new rank patch to be sewn on his Class A shirt.

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