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Rank Advancement for Tenderfoot thru First Class

Rank Advancement for Tenderfoot thru First Class
1.    New Adult Leaders should make sure each new Scout has the latest copy / version of the Scout Handbook. The new Adult Leaders may need to send out e-mails to new parents to ensure this happens.
2.    New Adult Leaders enter all new Scout names in ScoutTrax for the Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class sheets.
3.    The new Adult Leaders should briefly review the rank requirements, at a high level, for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class with the new Scouts in a group setting. Explain to the new Scouts that you will help them plan for their requirements, but it is their responsibility to take the initiative to complete them and get sign off from an Adult Leader on each requirement. The new Adult Leaders should also explain the overall process described in this document to the new Scouts.
4.    During PLC meetings, while the plans are being discussed for upcoming events (troop meetings, campouts, and other activities), the new Adult Leaders and new Scouts should participate in the planning discussions and try to align the activities at the upcoming events with the rank requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class. The ScoutTrax spreadsheet should be used by the new Adult Leaders as a reference during these discussions.
5.    Leading up to the planned events, the new Adult Leaders should remind new Scouts of the rank requirement activities that they will be participating in. It is also recommended that the new Adult Leaders check in with the older Scouts involved in any of the training / rank requirement activities to ensure that they are prepared for the activities. During the planned event, the new Adult Leaders might need to help facilitate the logistics, equipment, and setup for the rank requirement activities.
6.    As rank requirements are completed, the new Scouts should provide proof of completion to an Adult Leader and obtain sign-off in their Scout Handbook. The new Scouts should also let the new Adult Leaders know about the completion, and the new Adult Leaders update the ScoutTrax spreadsheet accordingly.
7.    When all rank requirements are signed off for a rank, then the new Scout should directly ask, or send an e-mail request to, the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster’s Conference.
8.    After the Scoutmaster’s Conference has been successfully completed, the new Scout should directly ask, or send an e-mail request to, the Committee Chairman for a Board of Review.
9.    Sometime after successfully completing the Board of Review, the new Scout will be awarded his new rank.

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