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Scribe’s Notes

Scribe Notes – Txanton B.

4/15/13 – We started off today’s meeting with a moment of silence for the
victims and the families of the victims of the Boston explosion. We
then reviewed the biking camp out which will be held May 18-19. Sign
up on troop kit to show that you will attend. Also there are new
Class-B shirts for sale. We will also have Island Fest coming up soon
so make sure you sign up for this, if you attend for 8 hours this can
count as tone of your citizenship in the community requirements. After
these announcements the second year scouts went through a
demonstration on how to purify water with what resources are available
in the wild. The newest scouts went with Mr. Hudgins and Mr. Holcomb
to learn a little more about scouts and our troop. The older scouts
went outside and worked on the bow drills a little more. We used a new
kind of wood for a base and we produced better and faster results. We
then had a scoutmasters moment where Mr. Del Missier showed us
documentation of his eagle project and we had some words of wisdom
from Mr. Whitworth who said that our eagle project may be a chore to
us now but we will later reflect on it so we should make our mark. We
then closed out with our prayer.

4/1/13 – This meeting was an interesting one. We had the older scouts
go outside with dowels that we had been working on for 2 weeks now. We
then used a wooden bow to make a fire. We had many scouts who
accomplished this task. The newest scouts went upstairs for meal
planning for the family camp out. The family camp out will be this
Saturday and Sunday. You must register on troopkit to attend, today is
the Deadline for sign-up so if you haven’t yet you should hurry! More
info will be available on troopkit.

3/25/13 – Court of Honor
At today’s court of honor we had a guest come from the boy scout
hierarchy, she said that we are having a fundraiser for all the scouts
and any scouts who bring in $150 or more will receive a patch. We also
had many rank advancements. All the new scouts attended and a lot of our
normal scouts attended. After introduction and rank advancement we
distributed merit badges. Lots of scouts got multiple merit badges, keep
up the good work! We then inducted the troop positions. After all that
we were dismissed.

3/18/13 – Today’s troop meeting was the first meeting with our new
scouts. After they introduced themselves we went to announcements
coming up is the family camp out which will be held on April 6th at
the Withalacochee state park. Then we split of into groups with the
newest scouts staying in the main room to watch an introduction video
about how to wear their uniforms and other scout necessities, the
older scouts went up stairs to watch a video about starting fire. The
the older scouts started whittling down miniature wood posts into
octagonal shapes to be used as dowels. Later everyone came back to the
main room for closing. We are selling a coupon card for many stores
including legoland, pinch a penny, McDonald’s, the scout store, bass
pro shop and a few more. They go for $5 a piece and the troop gets a
some of the profit so please stock up and sell!


Scribe Notes – Kyle H.

2/18/13: We began with a flag ceremony, then all Webelos came up and introduced
The Engineering Expo is on March 18th. You can earn your engineering
merit badge there! After that, we talked about Pack 25′s Blue an Gold
Banquet, which will be on Saturday the 23rd. Next, we watched a video
made by Mr. Widoff about Woodruff 2012 and the 2012 campouts.
The Troop Guides and Troop Instructors then used the EDGE method to
show all of the Webelos how to make paracord bracelets.
Make sure to sign up for the Fishing Skills Instruction by Friday, or
you are NOT able to go, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Mr. Ginex did his Scoutmaster moment, and we finished with flags and
a prayer.

Remember everyone, next week is election week for SPL, and Mikel and I
are running. This will be my last week as Scribe, and I highly
recommend it to anyone interested.

2/11/13:  We started with flags, then began discussing our roses and thorns from
the Ward’s Ranch campout last weekend.
On Saturday this weekend, those who want to do Scouting for Food ill
meet at 8:00, and will get bags to hand out and a map. After that, we
talked about the Spring Fishing Campout, which will be on March 2nd at
the MacDill Air Force base. We will teach the fishing fundamentals, as
well as visiting locations around the base. It will be an easier-going
campout, and the Fishing Merit Badge will be taught.
The fUN committee is a group of Scouts who came up with fun things
and ideas that we may do at the family campout, such as the Pioneer
Games, Paracord and Duct tape stations, orienteering, tug-of-war, and
an optional hike. It is at Withlacochee.
ILST: 9:30 this Saturday. Must be there to be able to run for any

February 18th: Pack 22 Webelos meeting
February 25th: 1st year Scouts plan meals for fishing campout.
Maybe a fishing Skills Instruction???
Finally, we finished with flags and a prayer.

2/4/13:  We began with a flag ceremony, then had announcements of upcoming
Feb 9th Ward’s Ranch
2/16 ILST
2/16 and 2/23 Scouting for food
2/17 Scout Sunday

The Webelos who attended the meeting were:
Jack Horning
Ryan Holcomb
Christopher Piscotti
Charles Hobby
Marshall Ferrell
Jacob Sinotte
Caleb King
Avery McGowan
Gabe Ruiz
Mark Murray

Remember to bring your tents back so that Connor Davis can take
inventory for the shed!
Mr. Friedlander said that you should pay attention to the Weather
Channel for Ward’s Ranch, and to pack accordingly.
He also stated that the rules are as follows:

1. No guns outside of firing line
2. No exploring outside of fenced area
3. No driving around
4. Close gates
5. All trash must go into the trash can
6. No swimming
7. All Webelos use the buddy system
8. No sheath knifes
9. No loud noises or running around the cattle
10. No cooking outside of the pavillon

Then, Scouts and Weblos had Skills Instruction, and we closed with SM
moment and flags.

1/14/13: We began with flags, then started our roses and thorns from the Winter
hike. The highlights were the fording of the river, and the low point
was the (supposed) Baby Grand Canyon, which didn’t actually exist.
Then, we talked about how we can – as individuals – improve as leaders
in the troop, and how we’ve done well being a leader already. After
that, we talked about how we may start a mentoring program for scouts
who have stagnated in their rank advancement. Ward’s Ranch deadline
for sign-up is 1/15/13. 35 people are signed up so far. Try and check
your e-mail more, as we will start notifying you more from Troop Kit
about upcoming events. Gun training from Mr. Gadsby will happen at an
upcoming troop meeting. Skills Instruction Campout @ MacDill Air force
Base  from March 2nd-3rd. There will be opportunities for fishing on
that campout!
We need to find a meeting to complete the following requirements:
Tenderfoot 12b
2nd class 7c
2nd Class 5
2nd Class 3c, d, e, and f
1st class 5
Knot tying Skills Instruction?? TBA
Seabase trip may be in the works soon… You must be 14 years old by the
last meeting before Seabase to attend.
Troop C meeting Feb. 9 @ Plant city (for anyone in National Jambo.)
Finally, we finished with flags and a prayer.

1/7/13 – We began with flags, then Mr. Friedlander came up and talked about the Winter Hike. Remember to pack light, bring a ton of water, bring snacks and food with little or no package waste, and find a way to keep yourself dry. Your packs should way from 25-30 pounds.
After that, Mr. Fatica came up to talk about the Life to Eagle Summit Seminar on Feb. 2
Next, Troop Instructors came up and talked about the importance of water treatment. After that, we broke out into our Patrols and met. Mr. Ginex came up and did his SM moment after that.
Finally, we closed with Uniform Inspections, flags, and a prayer.

Some upcoming campouts are:
Ward’s Ranch: Feb. 9th
Skills Instruction Campout: March 2nd

12/3/12: PLC – We began with flags, and then discussed our roses and thorns from the ZOOMAir campout. After we discussed that, Mr. Friedlander came up to talk about the upcoming Winter Hike @ Green Swamp. Younger scouts should probably keep their backpacks weighted at about 25-30 pounds.  After that, we talked about how older scouts would benefit from going to all of the campouts. We all said playing Frisbee is always really fun, and also we said that the ZOMBIE RUN was a fun thing that everyone would enjoy doing again. December 10 is when a man from Adventure Outfitters plans to come to talk to us about what kind of gear we should bring.  We then closed with a prayer and left.

11/26/12: We began with flags, and then we had our Scoutmasters moment at the beginning of the meeting this time. Next, Mr. Friedlander came up to talk about ZOOM Air, and the hiking trip, and how younger scouts should bring a pack weighing from 20-25 pounds. After that, Mr. Llerena came up to give us instruction in CPR.  We had our Patrol Breakouts after that, and our Uniform Inspections, and finally closed with flags.

11/5/12: We began with flags, and then John and Mr. Friedlander came up and talked about the Skills Instruction, ZOOMAir, and the ZOMBIE RUN. After they were finished, Noah talked about the QZar event coming up, and then we had Patrol Breakouts. We played Steal the Bacon, then had Uniform Inspections and closed with a Prayer.

10/29/12: We began with flags, and then Mr. Friedlander came up to talk about the next few campouts coming up, such as the Skills Instruction Campout, and the ZOOMAir Campout. Next, Connor Davis came up to talk about the importance of signing out tents from the Troop Shed in advance, and not waiting until the last second. John Dominici then came up to talk about the Troop’s very first ZOMBIE RUN.  After that, Allen English came up and talked about his Eagle project. We had Patrol Breakouts and Uniform Inspections, and then closed with a Prayer.

10/22 PLC: We began with a flag ceremony, and then we began talking about our roses and thorns from the canoe trip. We talked about Back 2 Brownsea, and how people going to help out needed to say after the PLC to go to the meeting. After that was the first time we did leadership Reports. What you do is say one thing that you have done to help the troop, and one thing you still need to improve on. After that, we were able to ask questions about what your duties are for the roll you have in scouting. We then began planning future meetings and events, and then closed with flags.

10/15/12: We started with flags, then Mr. Friedlander came up to talk to us about the upcoming Santa Fe River Trip. Connor D then came up and talked to us about reserving a tent on troopkit. We had our skills instruction, where the troop instructors came up to show us how to be safe and how to pack a canoe. We had our patrol breakouts, and then closed with flags.

10/8/12: We began with flags, and then we talked about the Santa Fe River Trip, coming up Oct. 19-21. Chris came up to talk about Fall Conclave this weekend. Our Troop Instructors came up and did our Skills Instruction. They did Second Class reqt. 7a, which shows how to take proper care of different types of wounds. People who need to finish the Canoeing MB need to see Mr. Gadsby sometime at the Santa Fe campout. Remember to bring your bluecard!  We had our Patrol Breakouts, and then closed with flags and a prayer.

10/1/12: Today we began with our flag ceremony, and then people from the Order of the Arrow came and talked to us about new member elections and Brotherhood for older scouts. The Fall Conclave is from Oct. 12-14. We held our elections, and then each Patrol elected a Patrol leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.  The younger kids then did their fitness tests, assisted by the older scouts. Finally, we closed with flags and a prayer.




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